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Another awesome Game-Night over

NoxFTB Council posted Sun at 8:42
Another awesome Game-Night is over and we had a lot of fun. We started off the evening playing two maps that we hadn't played before: Calamity and Hour-Glass. We then went on with playing two rounds of Hodoo and ended the evening with another round of Calamity. If you don't know what Game-Night is and would like to join in on the next one then check out the Game-Night tab on the top where you can also suggest new maps for us to play. Also check out our Youtube Channel where we film almost every Game-Night and you'll hopefully see yesterdays footage within the next week. 

I also wanted to remind people that the Easter sale ends tonight at 12PM BST (British summer time) so make sure not to miss it! Happy Easter!

NoxFTB Staff

xBAMFxAss4ss1n Late happy Easter guys!
AntonFlotve can i join Game-Night if im only a member?

Donator Parkour maps and Easter Sale!

NoxFTB Council posted Apr 14, 14
Hello boys and girls, Happy Easter. I hope that everyone is enjoying 2014 so far and that the snow is finally going away and the temperature getting a bit warmer.
 Easter is now upon us and some new decorations has popped up at spawn to celebrate the holiday. We're also going to have a sale on selected Engineer ranks, Claimblocks and Starter kit between the 14th-20th so make sure to check out the Donator page so you won't miss it.

In other news that is somewhat related we've added a new command for Engineer R4: /echest or /enderchest which basically makes it so that you can open your vanilla enderchest wherever you are. We've also added a new "5 in 1" parkour area for Engineer R1 and up so if you like parkour or want to make some quick diamonds check it out at /warp parkour.

I also want to remind people that since it's Easter it's possible to get the leporine bee until tomorrow.

Have a fantastic week and make sure to not eat to much chocolate.

Treasure Hunt and Parkour

NoxFTB Council posted Mar 24, 14
Hello everyone, for people that hasn't seen yet there are two new warps available /warp treasurehunt and /warp parkour. The treasure hunt was introduced a week or so ago and it's a scavenger hunt that gives you clues to get to the end. So if you like puzzle solving and some cheeky jokes here and there you'll hopefully enjoy it! The parkour is an ever expanding one and you pretty much chose how you want to play it. If you have a jetpack you can obviously fly up when you fall that's for you to decide. Have a nice week!

Edit: another parkour is now available and you get a reward for finishing each one. use /warp parkour to get to the parkour hub
mew28 There is no treasure in the treasure hunt.
xBAMFxAss4ss1n HeHe! I'm a parkour master!

Game-Night Tonight!

NoxFTB Council posted Mar 22, 14
Hello everyone! This Game-Night we're gonna play a map called Cube control. Remember that Game-Night is exclusive for Donators and to try to show up on teamspeak 5-10 minutes before we start. If you've not joined in on Game-Night before then head over to the Game-Night tab on the top to read up on it. You can also watch footage from previous Game-Nights on our Youtube Channel

I have a few ideas on what to play after Cube control, it is a game-night after all and the night doesn't end after just an hour. See you all there!

PS. a countdown can be found on the right if you're logged in

Couple of new updates

Morinaka Admin posted Mar 16, 14
Hello there, just thought i'd let you know of a couple of updates we did this weekend.

Firstly, all engineer ranks now have access to the /seen command. Just do /seen playername to see when a player was last on-line. This should make it easier to keep track of your friends or town members.

Secondly, we have embedded a Dynmap on the map page. This isn't a live view but will be updated every two weeks, probably on the Saturday following the resource worlds reset. It is only for the main build world and there are two views, top down and isometric (sort of 3D view). IF you want to access full size in a separate browser window then use this link,

Enjoy :)

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