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Game-Night Highlights!

NoxFTB Council posted Tue at 19:41
Abstract_Magi has put together a game-night highlights video with some of the best moments from previous game-nights. Also thanks to Darkbeast for helping me with picking videos from the game-night Archive. Enjoy!

Mr_Doss Supporter R2 wow this video was fun, can i get unbanned from gamenight looks awesome
clavicon Supporter R1 Hah this looks awesome
WKHxDarkbeast Supporter R1 So much swag, that swag is too swaggy to be swag, therefore swag must be divided into lots of swags of swag and swag the ...

Status update on the Beta testing

V1qq0 Developer posted Sun at 19:09
Hi there,

Last update: Back online!

Utc time:

Update 1: Please note that maximum players online is now 100, so don't hesitate joining when you see there is 40 online, there wont be any lag either :)

Update 2 [UTC: 10:15:00]: Server swap is now in progress. The ip pointed to be the dns name ( should change for you during the next hour if not already.

Update 3 [UTC: 13:20:00]: Server is in its last stages of getting up and running. Everything is moved and cleaned. Working on some security stuff and configuration atm. Hub Online ETA: UTC 14:30.

Update 4 [UTC: 14:30:00]: Fixing problems. Hub Online ETA: UTC 15:15.

Update  [UTC: 15:30:00]: Changed Bungeeplugin, setting up permissions. Global chat default fixed. Hub Online ETA: UTC 16:00.

Tomorrow we will switch to the new hardware. An update to this post will be made when we know more. This should offer the ability to significantly extend the interval between automated server restarts and provide better performance in general.

Current state of the new setup

A week ago we decided to swap to a bungeecord based setup immediately. This is far from an easy task however, and in practice requires a substantial amount of custom code for it to work well. I have hot-fixed and hacked most of the various issues we have encountered, but working on a better solution. The result is that we can easily support up to 80-100 players online. All servers haven been running at 20.0 TPS and crash free for a few days now.

Known issues

  1. Albeit servers are running smooth players can still encounter a "freeze"/"blocklag" sometimes. This is due to the nasty hack i made for player synchronization between warps/servers, which freezes proxy communication whenever a player warps. I am obviously working on this :)

  2. Global chat is currently lamer style imo :) ... i am working on getting default chat to become global.

  3. Missing warnings before automated restarts.

  4. Not sending players to the hub during world restarts ... at least players can then talk during those few minutes.

  5. Permission problems after kick or whitelist message. We can never solve this with 1.6.4. It is a problem with modded minecraft 1.6.4 using the various plugins we use etc. A simple relog fixes this though.

  6. Limit messages are currently not taking group limits into account. I will fix this soon, but no eta yet. Stuff above is more important.

  7. Limit synchronization. The problem with this is limited wrench/tool support, which means that periodic fallback synchronization must be relied on in order to reset use of a limited item. If you have problems: remove limited blocks in the area and wait a few minutes (sync is every 60 sec). I am also working on making more info available, but it is a bigger task.

  8. Missing ability to see warp states / get more info about current state of the server. 

  9. Slow warps / odd-case turn around, missing information during warps etc. - yeah well ... working on that too :P

If you know a bug and it is not listed here or in the bug reports forums, then please do report it in the bug forum. - Do not pollute global chat with it (we like a friendly atmosphere).

Thank you all for participating in the beta and keep reporting issues (especially if they are not listed-above).

With kind regards
NoxFTB staff

thekuhnau Supporter R1 Any idea how many times homes will be reset? I'm way out on the edge so it takes forever to get to my house and I'd like ...
Myujinn Supporter R1 Found ya :
reddwulf Supporter R2 Awesome job as always Vig. I can't wait to get back online so I can stare at my setup and grumble about how difficult Gr ...


NoxFTB Council posted Fri at 15:54
We will be having a few crashes the next few days on the different servers till we get the new serverbox. These aren't caused by anything other than the servers running out of memory since the servers are silky smooth till they go down. The other issues reported to us through the forum etc is being worked on but we're prioritizing one thing at a time. All in all bungeecording has proven itself to be a good solution and when it's finished it will be awesome. Thanks for everyone's support and patience. Here's a picture of a cat.

YoOoster Supporter R2 it might be a good solution for sharing/splitting up ram and cpu, but things like not being able to pump liquids/items c ...
Gamernight Wait if I am cat... Does that mean cat is me? *Conspiracy Theory*
Myujinn Supporter R1 Cat picture makes the server pain go away. Catherapy

Bungecoording and what's different

NoxFTB Council posted Thu at 21:47
With the new bungeecord setup the server is now split into 5 different servers:
Hubworld: The spawn island, can be reached using /hub
Resource World: Resource worlds, can be reached using /warp resource
Build Worlds:
Helios:     (West)
Sigmus X:   (South)
Sector Z77: (East)
Gliese 581: (North)

You can check all warps using /warp. At the moment it seems like the portals themselves stops working after a server restart but warps should always work.

To use Global chat use /join global to join the global chat channel and then use
/g [message] to send a message globally.

Known issues:
warp portals on restart
fndragon Supporter R1 Additional issues: My TiCo knapsack is constant between servers. I'm not sure where this is stored, but I now have an ...
fugue2005 Supporter R2 i can't warp to gliese, i also get a read timeout
thekuhnau Supporter R1 I don't know if it's suppose to, but when I logged on, I was at the bottom of the ocean off shore from spawn. Also, I've ...

Hello Everyone,

As you may have noticed we have had quite some interest with the new TPPI pack, and that makes good sense as it is truly awesome :).

Even though this is still during a launch, we want to accommodate more players online at the same time - also in the long run with massive bases etc. 

As seen in previous posts the staff is not just ignoring lag, after all one of our trademarks have always been "no lag". That however, did not go too well with TPPI on 1.6.4 and 50 players online.

So what did we do? .. the last 5 days we have been working day and night on building a bungee cord based setup (almost done) and obtaining even more powerful hardware. The new hardware will consist of 16 Hyper threaded (32) Xeon CPU cores and 128 GB of high performance ECC Memory. Donation goals might be adjusted due to this, but it is worth it in order to obtain a good game-play experience.

So what does all this mean for you?

  1. Your current home (if you were lucky enough to get to play yet) is not being removed, but you may start at the new hub when you log back in and you have to walk or fly back to your home. If your smart note down the current positions of your (/home)'s.

  2. (/home)'s will be deleted - you can make new ones

  3. Your inventory should be persisting through the process.

  4. Resource worlds will _not_ be reset.

  5. Learn to use a few new command for chatting.

  6. Hopefully an awesome game-play experience without any lag.

What happens when?

  1. The server will shutdown early European time tomorrow and it wont come back up before we are done with the multi-server / multi-world setup. We expect to be back up for early hub testing during the afternoon .. it will be sooo exiting :)

  2. Then we will have about 3-7 days of beta testing which may include some restarting now and then (we will make this as pleasant as possible).

  3. After beta testing the new hardware should be ready. We expect a few hours of downtime but nothing long lasting.

With kind regards
The entire NoxFTB Staff

HoverApple Does this mean there is no lava and item teleportation? Or is all that data shared between servers?
Gulpener Supporter R2 Where can we report issues?
minerpipo Is the members/supporters limit the same? Conisdiring that the limit has changed to 100.
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