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On February 4th Mojang is introducing player name changes. Whilst this is a "good thing” in most peoples perspective it’s something that is not supported properly before minecraft 1.7. Basically what this entails for us is that whenever there is a player name change the server will see that person as a new player It would create a new player profile and everything tied to the old "player” would be inaccessible for that person. Inventory, thaumcraft research and rank so you would be set back to guest as if you’ve never visited the server before. I’ve tried to find a solution to this issue but I can find none. There’s plugin that forces the username to stay the same but the plugin is only available in later versions and it would only work on players that’s been on the server since it was introduced and to my knowledge it would only affect your visual display name.

Another plugin would allow people to set a password tied to their username which would ensure that if they changed their name then someone else could not take their name and get access to their items. This plugin would’ve also required the player to have made the password whilst it was active and this just doesn’t work for a server with over 5k tagged members. It doesn’t support bungeecording either so it would literally ask the player to create a password on every single buildserver, hub, and resource server which would draw any player away from our server. There are a few other ways it could be done but none of them would fix the issue.

On top of the ingame issues the way we handle ranks right now through enjin is that Enjin sends a command to the server when a rank is applied to them but it wouldn’t do that if the name was changed, it would also not remove a rank from the previous name since if we were able to use the UUID system it wouldn’t need to since the server itself would handle it. I sent them a support message a week ago without any sort of answer so at this point I don’t even know how they handle it right now.

As it looks right now I’m facing a brick wall with no possible solution to this issue, I don’t see how the server would function without UUID support and I don’t see the possibility to switching to 1.7 in the near future as the current packs are undeveloped, unstable and somewhat small in compared to what we’re used too. On top of that our current Dev has no intention of updating necessary plugins because of lack of time and lack of motivation from not liking that Mojang was bought by Microsoft, which is understandable. Why put time and effort into a game you don’t have time to play and whilst doing it supporting a company you don’t agree with. I could ask people nicely not to change their username but even on teamspeak there’s a buzz about it and many are eager to grabbing a new username. It’s more often than not impossible to get people to read things ingame yet alone trying to get 5k users to both read and agree not to change their name. The majority of these people would not receive an email notification, see it in time or care enough and just leave their name open for other people to get on the server without applying.

Unless something changes between now and February 4th this is the last chapter of NoxFTB. We may come back in the future but we’d have to do some serious changes with the server setup as the current server is 400$/mo which is too expensive to keep when unused and set up fees are usually high if we were to return. Any updates would be posted on the website so if you have email notifications on your PM’s through enjin then if anything changes or if we would open a new greylisted server you’ll receive it in your email. Downloads for each buildserver would be made available and donations will be locked for obvious reasons but any lifetime ranks will remain as I’m unable to freeze expiration dates on the other ones.

What we would do as a community if we were to close the main server:

The teamspeak would stay for now as we switch hosting and our current plan unless this situation changes is to keep using it as it’s being used now but we would host smaller modpacks that would rotate and be whitelisted. We’d play other games with each other too and keep having fun so if you’re interested in chatting and playing games with the community then you’re very much welcome to join. Previous supporters would keep their rank on teamspeak so they’d have access to supporter only channels and I would be open to things like private channels in the future. We would be more open to people bringing their friends on our teamspeak just to play other games as we would create game specific channels by request and also keep some open for guests to talk in. We also have a steam group linked under the Noxcrew tab on the website which is a good way to find friends from the server or get notified if we’re doing game nights in other games, Minecraft or similar. All in all we would be more focused around exploring more aspects of modded minecraft, community interaction and so on but alongside this comes a certain level of trust. Plugins would most likely still be put in place for detecting grief etc but a different application process (or trust process) might be put in place for the less controlled game environments. We’ve been in tough situations before so hopefully it will not come to this but this is a "what if” situation as I currently don’t see a solution on this issue. You're very much welcome to come on teamspeak to discuss things with each other and staff. The NoxFTB community has always been very strong and an important part of my life and I hope that we’ll be able to find a good way forward from this point.

All donations will be locked from now until we know what's going to happen after February 4th.
Skagvard How am I now supposed to get my support tag on ts :(
electracion I know it might be ineffectual but you could force all players to see a message not to change their name. This could be ...
Snipesy Still waiting for that modding API. One which hopefully doesn't change with every other update.
We're having some minor difficulties regarding Enjin being mean to us and not loading the comments that we posted on user applications and approval/rejections. We are sorry for any inconveniences.

Right now we have no choice but to wait Enjin to sort this issue out.

Thank you for your patience.

Update: Problem still continues but we managed to reach updated application page (finally).

Update2: Everything is working again...

Game-Night Tomorrow!

NoxFTB Council posted Jan 9, 15
Game-Night is back after the holiday break and we're kicking off strong. We have some great maps lined up for you guys so we have a nice selection to pick from. I don't want to spoil it for tomorrow but we have a Race for the wool map lined up, a Quake like PvP map with 7 different maps inside it, UHC and more. See you all tomorrow!

Edit:If you're participating check the Game-Night channel description on teamspeak as it includes texturepack link for one of the maps. Tonight will be a good one.

Happy New Year!

NoxFTB Council posted Dec 31, 14
Happy 2015 everyone! Just reminding people that the Resource worlds will reset tonight (check calendar for local time) and that people should remove their quarries etc. I also want to take the opportunity to announce this months donation goal kit. The kit will be available to everyone when the donation goal has been hit.

The theme of this months kit is going to be Industrial. 

The kit will contain the following items (subject to change):

  • 16 Iron plates
  • Solar Helmet
  • Electric Jetpack
  • 8 Rubberwood Saplings
  • 4 Kanthall Heating Coil
  • Division Sigil
  • TPPI tips 101 (Book with tips and tricks using mod integration and more
  • Collectible Staff head

Two things has also been added/changed on the donation goal for this month:

  • Homes has been upped from 6 to 12 when we've reached 100%
  • Openblocks Elevator block config will be changed to allow further distance between each elevator

NoxFTB staff wishes everyone a happy 2015

thesurvivor2 lol wk strikes again!
curty237 Yeah Happy New Year. Your the best have so many good memorys on the server hehe, I'll suck your dick I'm rambling now I ...
Hello! After 3 months and seeing how much support the community gave to The FreePort Mall, we have decided to open up yet another mall! The Hob Trading Mall is bigger, better, and has way more things to do, including: a movie theater, casino, and multiple floors! In the new mall we will be announcing monthly new contests, with great prizes! Starting this month to kick off the grand opening we will be hosting the Epic Hob Scavenger Hunt! More info and clues are all located here so keep your eyes peeled!  

So we hope to see you here at /warp hob on January 3rd at 5:00 pm (GMT)! Awesome prizes and free loot awaits! 

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