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Update to TPPI 1.1.1 and stuff

Morinaka Admino posted 19 hours ago
I've updated the server to TPPI version 1.1.1 so download it if you want. You should still be able to connect to the server with 1.0.6 if you want so update in your own time. The update is just a few mod updates, only big difference is the some powersuit recipes now use gelid cryotheum in them.

I buffed the Big Reactors so they only use half the fuel they did before since the previous TPPI upped the fuel usage too much for my taste. Added Ender IO electrical steel to the ore dictionary so you can use it like any other steel and changed the GregTech Pneumatic upgrade so you can make it without an assembly machine.

As for Mekanism, i talked to jojjannes and we've decided to give it another week to see how it pans out. It hasn't crashed much at all in the last few days, whether that is people changing their set-ups i don't know, but if it goes badly this week with crashes we'll make a decision one way or the other.

We've been discussing it on the forum so go there if you want to join the thread,
fugue2005 i know on gliese some of use have simply removed all mek from their bases, which is probably why it is crashing less.
marioguy08 The pneumatic upgrade is such a blatant waste of energy, I don't see any reason in using it...

Game-Night Tonight

NoxFTB Councilo posted Aug 23, 14
Hello all, just wanted to remind people that game-night is tonight. After testing about 8 maps this week and not finding any good ones here's today's lineup:

Cube Control
Bridge Out Battle

After game-night as usual is the afterparty where we might play a few different games though since this isn't minecraft is not part of the normal game-night. If you haven't joined in on game-night before I recommend watching last weeks episode of Cube Control:

which was filmed 4 weeks ago on our Youtube channel to see what it's all about. To suggest maps for game-night check out the tab on the website and fill out the form.

 See you all tonight!


NoxFTB Councilo posted Aug 20, 14
Since the update we've had some issues with low tps. This seems to be caused by the rednet energy cables. We've done multiple tests on the testserver and we can't seem to figure out why they would suddenly cause issues. Later today we're going to be banning the cables so people will have to replace them. 

We've also been discussing banning normal rednet cables since they've also caused the odd crash and people that has been here in unleashed also know that when rednet unloads it goes back to its original state. This could potentially mean that it messes up your spawners turning them on when you leave the area. I do want peoples opinion on the normal rednet cables though. Both of these has better alternatives anyway.

Edit: did a test on one of the server removing about 17 cables in the world. Which presumably fixed it. We're not going to ban normal rednet cables at this stage since it's not enough of an issue. When used on certain items you might have someone coming and telling you to remove it though.
Prof_Biscotti Supporter R2 I really don't understand how people can think that unstable and crashing servers are better than offending mods being b ...
Atrius97 To be fair, if this server adds much more to the banned list, it might very well lose a good chunk of its player base. W ...
usca1158 I definitely dont think we should remove regular rednet cables unless it continues to cause a recurring problem. I dont ...

Update to TPPI 1.0.6 PRE - DONE!

Morinaka Admino posted Aug 18, 14
Just a reminder if you wonder why you can't connect and get a load of magical crops errors, we have updated to TPPI version 1.0.6 PRE so please download it in your launcher.

I'll update the website with relevant changes shortly.

NiceHeal Guys, yesterday I updated TPPI to 1.0.6, logined to server and all was good but then ...em i dunno what happened, I some ...
xgamer888 Supporter R2 Would you by chance have time to have a little write up on how to disable to banned mods? Several people told me to disa ...
reddwulf Supporter R2o Looks like a couple additions (like Animation API for instance) to the Banned list too, for those of us who are disablin ...

TPPI 1.0.6 PRE update on Monday

Morinaka Admino posted Aug 16, 14
We waited a week to see if any large bugs with 1.0.6 PRE would surface and none have appeared to. If you want to look at the running changelog for TPPI go here, TPPI Changelog

Update will occur on Monday 18th probably starting around 11am-3pm UTC, hopefully shouldn't take more than a hour or two.

I added a recipe for Efreets Flame focus today for those who wanted it for the Legs of the Burning Mantle in KAMI, just look up the recipe in NEI.

New TPPI update is mostly mod version updates, Redstone Armory is the only new mod in the pack, it is just a set of slightly more powerful Redstone Arsenal tools.

As I'm sure some of you are aware we have mentioned that Magical Crops will be hit the hardest in the update due to item ID changes between 104 and 106 PRE. I have taken the time to document all these changes so you can try and prepare for it.

Planted in the ground crops that will vanish are:
  • Ardite, Cobalt, Death Bloom, Ferrous, Oil, Platinum, Infused Shards, Uranium and Wither Skeleton Soul

Essence types that will vanish are:
  • Essence dust, Weak essence, Regular essence, Strong Essence and Extreme essence

Essence types that will change into infused chest plates are:
  • Aluminum, Ardite, Certus Quartz, Cobalt, Copper, Ferrous, Infused Shard, Lead, Oil, Peridot, Platinum, Ruby, Sapphire, Silver, Tin, Uranium

Items that will vanish are:
  • Infused Coal, All types
  • All food including juice bottles
  • Magic Fertilizer
  • Health Orb
  • Obsidian Defender
  • Essence Pickaxe, Essence Shovel, Essence Sword

Items that will change into other items are:
  • Infused Boots becomes Squeezer
  • Infused Chest becomes Uncooked Mutton
  • Infused Helmet becomes Cooked Mutton
  • Infused Legs becomes Boiled Egg
  • Infused Diamond becomes Diamond Infused Boots
  • Essence Hatchet becomes Infused Helmet
  • Essence Hoe becomes Infused Legs
  • Weak, Regular, Strong, Extreme and Master Infusion Stones become Juice Bottles
  • Cobblestone Voider becomes Infused Bread
  • Experience Orb becomes Soup
  • Water Orb becomes Deathbloom Seed

Seeds that will vanish are:
  • Blueberry and Sugar Cane

Seeds that will change into other things are:
  • Ardite Seeds becomes Weak Infusion Stone
  • Cobalt Seeds becomes Oil Seeds
  • Ferrous Seeds becomes Infused Diamond
  • Oil Seeds becomes Essence Hatchet
  • Platinum Seeds becomes Essence Hoe
  • Infused Shards Seeds becomes Essence Pickaxe
  • Uranium Seeds becomes Essence Shovel
  • Wither Skeleton Seeds becomes Essence Sword

A few things in Ender IO will vanish as well but they are just parts rather than machines or anything, only noticeable one would probably be the Basic Capacitor part.

clavicon I only found this regarding uni cables, but I'm not sure if that addresses our server's issues: Updated Mekanism to 6.1 ...
clavicon Thanks for the detailed info, much appreciated. Have people mentioned if Mek seems less buggy in this update? ...
jellyfishdragon maybe tradeomats could be used to covert items back to the real item after the update???
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