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Top Monthly voter reward

NoxFTB Council posted Fri at 11:23
Hi everyone. I've set up a new voting reward for the top voter of each month to receive an extra 1000 claimblocks. Initially we didn't reward people things for voting since supporting the server is the main purpose of it but since we don't offer claimblocks in the store anymore I think this is a step in the right direction for people that want to make large builds. If anyone has any reasonable ideas for voting rewards then post them as a comment. Have a nice weekend and see you on Game-Night tomorrow.

Game-Night this Saturday!

NoxFTB Council posted Wed at 12:07
On this weeks game-night we're going to be playing race for the wool. It's been quite a while since we played it last time so prepare yourself for an evening of fun. We're also going to be testing a new map before Saturday and if it works alright we'll have 2 new maps to play for this weeks Game-Night. Have a continuously nice week and see you on Saturday.
DromedarySpitz Supporter R2 Hopefully I can get back on for game night soon, Free time on Saturday is hard to find.
DragonCleafspear Supporter R2 i hope to join in on the fun.
Prof_Biscotti Supporter R2 I will have a continuously nice week, but only because you asked nicely.

Dynmaps for the servers

Morinaka Admin posted Sep 9, 14
I found a way to make Dynmap work with our set up so we now have one for each server. These will not be live ones (as in auto update) and will be redone every 7-10 days. Head over to the Map page and click on a map you want to open it in a new tab.
ThanEEpic Supporter R1 Great job guys, this helps a ton with finding locations to build!
Atrius97 Very Nice! You should enable cave or 3D mode for spawn. Can't see much from a top down view of it.
Rhunescape Moderator 20 minutes of searching, but I found where I live!

10 000 Registered users

NoxFTB Council posted Sep 8, 14
It's been an awesome start on the new modpack. Aside from the normal tweaking the staff is really happy with the results and support from the community so I'm taking the time to properly thank everyone that has been with us so far. We've now reached 10 000 registered users since we started and I wanted to once again highlight the history and future of the server. Where we've been and where we're heading. This post is basically going to be the same one we posted in February on our one year anniversary with a few additions at the end so if you read it back then then skip to the bottom of the post.

The server opened up on February 2nd on the Mindcrack pack with two owners Smackzter and Lordpineapple and one Admin (jojjannes). Lordpineapple was looking into server hosting at the time because he had previous experience with Minecraft and that's how he got in contact with Smackzter. He spoke with me because he recognised the name Noxcrew and jojjannes thought it would be a good idea to form some sort of partnership and that's how the server started. After a few days I got contacted again because they were setting up the server and since I had been part of his old server and did most of the community managing etc he thought I'd be a nice fit. I got invited to a group conversation over Skype and acting professionally hasn't really been my strong suit and I didn't really want to have that sort of relation anyway. Even though I can be very professional about it I also want be able to have fun and joke around with the people I'm with. I had a lot in common with Smackzter so I decided to help out the best I could. To differentiate ourselves with other servers we chose to offer a social and mature community where you would have to apply on our website to be able to play. We've always pushed people to come on teamspeak and hang out and iteraction ingame with trading and so on. Our view of a server has always been that you play on a online server for a reason and meeting new people is one of the aspects of multiplayer.

A video from the launch and our first spawn can be found: Here

Fast forward a few months to may the 28th we introduced our new server spawn with Lore tied to it written by me. The new server spawn was a space station called Helios which circled the star Sigmus X to draw energy from it to power the station.

Map of the Helios Station:

The News update post can be found: Here
And the Lore can be found: Here

Switching from Mindcrack to Ultimate:
And now to the part that I don't really like to talk about but probably the part where we learnt the most:
When we started off with Mindcrack "back in the day". We were not very experienced when it comes to handle lag, and optimization. We learnt how to handle and use tickthreading which was very new at the time and came with a lot of funny but also unfunny issues. (One time people started spawning outside the designated spawn inside the ground and we couldn't dig them out). Chunk corruption caused by Xycraft tanks and other things. We used to offer Chunkloaders to all our players which made it so that we had about 55 000 chunks loaded in the buildworld when we booted the server. (we have about 10-25k now when the server has 40-50 people on. All these loaded chunks caused a lot of issues and the server crashed just a few minutes after booting it. During the time there was also a new update out for Mindcrack that we were planning to update to and during the process we had a downtime of a few weeks. The lag issues had gotten worse and we decided to switch to the Ultimate pack in hope that this would be better and also offer the players new things to play around with since a map reset isn't the most fun thing in the world. We switched to the Ultimate pack and got a sponsored server which was a bit less than what we were used to but it had to do at the time. We were not about to give up on the community and we worked hard to get the new server up and running. When we got the server back up we had about 40 people joining instantly and we soon realized that the hardware wasn't enough for what we needed. We had a lot of lag when we had more than 15-20 people on but this is also the time where we learned A LOT of things about how to handle lag. Things that caused it and how to prevent it. Since we were forced to work with what we had for the community's sake we figured out how to make sure machines etc were set up the proper way in peoples bases. During this time Smackzter had a lot of things to do in real life with school and so on and the server ownership was transferred to Valcys and jojjannes. We started working on trying to find a new server Administrator and  that's how we got in contact with Emouse. I wanted to put in the "add" what kind of server we were but in the end we put up one with a few requirements of people applying. A week or so went by and we had about 10-20 applications and one of them stood out to me. Emouse had written in his application that he was looking for a server where the focus was the community and the players, he wrote down his previous experience and we got in contact with him after that.

The next few weeks we started working on looking for a new server hosting. We looked at a few options and we chose to go with the hosting that we had before. We were both lucky and unlucky at the same time when it came to the switch. We had planned on doing a smooth transition (take down the server and have the other one up withing a few hours). But the hosting company was taking a lot longer than we had anticipated. We got a message that they had to order new parts and we were waiting for the next shipment. This meant that we had to wait about a week longer than we should have done but also that we got some better parts than what was listed. We also noticed that during the waiting period they had removed all options for obtaining any server hosting from them because they were going to have a month where they would rework a lot of internal things and so on. If we had ordered the server about a day after we did we would not have gotten it. When we got the server on a Thursday we sent out a message to everyone on the site that we were back and that we would open Friday the week after.

On Sunday the 6th of July we Launched the newest iteration of NoxFTB and we just had to pick one of the largest FTB packs out there because why not. The talks about this particular pack had been discussed even back in February when we first heard about it. Since launch we've done lots of things to improve performance and player experience. We did a significant upgrade of the server hardware. We installed and tweaked our own version of bungeecording and we did significant limitations on specific items. Since the introduction of bungeecording we've smoothed out issues that came with it and also added individual nethers for each buildserver to be able to transfer lava directly to your base. This version of FTB is far the best one in my opinion and even I can help myself of playing it. The teamspeak community is stronger than ever as well as player interaction. I can't wait to see where we're heading in the future and I hope that everyone is as excited as I am. 

On top of the TPPI server we started hosting community events in the form of Game-Nights where we once every other weekend play different mini-games with our supporters. We've created our own Youtube channel for the server so keep an eye open for that since we post game-night videos and sometimes other things on there.

The future of modded minecraft is looking very promising with better performance in 1.7 and the dedication of the TPPI team to tweak and update the TPPI modpack. We've had a few discussions of what we can do with the server and we have some nice ideas that we will work on as soon as tweaking the pack to our liking is finished. I see a lot of opportunities for community projects which just takes the right people to take initiative. I can't wait to see things like community builds, videos and so on. With a ever changing server with one of the most dedicated communities I can only see good things in the future for the server so thank you to everyone that has supported us all this time, players and staff members alike.

squires200 keep up the great work guys ...

Game-Night Tonight!

NoxFTB Council posted Sep 6, 14
Game-Night is tonight and I have a few ideas for what to do on tonights game-night. 

We're going to start of the evening playing the usual PvP maps since finding any good and flexible ones has been very difficult. After that we're going to have a few options and what we'll play depends on the people joining but it includes things like: 

 It's going to be lots of fun so if you're a supporter you don't want to miss it. See you all tonight!
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