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NoxFTB is looking for builders

NoxFTB Council posted Fri at 16:43
Hi everyone, once again NoxFTB is looking for builders. I've assembled a small build team already but I still need people that are good with map design/terraforming. If this is something that you are good at you can contact me by sending a PM on the website. If you're a good builder please do the same and provide some screenshots of previous builds/your base on the server.

In other news we finished the recording for this years Christmas video and editing is now in process. Thanks to everyone that showed up to be in the video and have a nice weekend!

NoxFTB Staff

Game-Night tonight!

NoxFTB Council posted Nov 15, 14
Game-Night is tonight and we're gonna be playing Missile Wars by Sethbling, possibly UHC and we'll be testing a new gamemode in TPPI made by abstract_magi. Head over to the Game-Night page to learn more on how to join in on the fun and see you on teamspeak tonight.

BloxiCraft That's sounds good. It's a good idea. I like it ...

Christmas video recording and changes

NoxFTB Council posted Nov 11, 14
Edit: Recording has been moved to Sunday so Americans will have a chance to participate.

We're going to be recording the player scenes of the Christmas video on Sunday. If you're joining please head over to the project section of the forum to learn more about it and how you can participate. The roles are limited and we will prioritize people that signs up early, can take clear instructions and show up on time. Thanks to everyone that has signed up so far and see you on the recording on Friday.

In other news we've added a new donation goal perk which is the ability of not getting kicked for being AFK. This is a perk that is also available for supporter R2 though the difference is that as a supporter you have it all the time not only when the goal is met. I've added this perk to show that it's actually important that we meet the goal each month and as a extra reason to get there.  NoxFTB will continue to provide the most lag free and friendly environment as long as we can. Without your support we wouldn't exist so thanks to everyone that support us each month.

Buildcompetition winner!

NoxFTB Council posted Nov 1, 14
I've looked through all the competition entries with some staff members and players and after some thought, consideration and discussion I've reached my final verdict. The winner of the October buildcompetion is *insert drum roll here* TheLibertyonline!

TheLibertyonline has utilized all aspects of on how the buildcompetition was going to be judged. Nice exterior, utilizing the terrain. Fine detail inside with every accessory necessary in a real house and also a good contrast in colors. The only thing lacking (which lacked in most builds) was foliage to compliment the build. 

Pictures of the winning build and honorable mentions can be found: Here

The winner can contact me on teamspeak to receive their prizes. Congratulations!
F1r3_Dud3 Supporter R1 Can't wait for next one ...
Prof_Biscotti Supporter R2 What do you think of creating a temporary /warp to this location so people can easily check it out?
curty237 congrats you beasty builders

10 days left on the buildcompetition

NoxFTB Council posted Oct 21, 14
Hi everyone, there's now 10 days left on the October buildcompetition. Remember to head over to the forumpage to submit your build in time for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Have a good week and good luck!

Edit: Also the command /ptime (time) had been added for supporter R2 which adds the ability to make the time day or night for the player using it. This is a clientside feature which means that the time of the server will stay the same.
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