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10 days left on the buildcompetition

NoxFTB Council posted Tue at 10:12
Hi everyone, there's now 10 days left on the October buildcompetition. Remember to head over to the forumpage to submit your build in time for a chance to win some amazing prizes. Have a good week and good luck!

Game-Night tomorrow!

Abstract_Magi Moderator posted Fri at 18:01
Hello everyone! Game-Night is tomorrow, so don't forget! This week we are playing Race for the Wool 02 - Direct Fire by Vechs, and Ultimate King of the Ladder by KRMisha. If you haven't played Game-Night before, but would like to know how you can join, you can find information on it here. We also record Game-Night and upload it to our youtube channel, OfficialNoxFTB. Speaking of YouTube, don't forget we have the christmas video in progress! If you want to be a part of the creation process you can refer to the forum thread here. Anyway, we hope you have a nice weekend, and that we see you at Game-Night!
The donation goal has been met and we've now opened Midgard. To join the build competition check out the events tab and have a chance to win prizes such as:

  • Claimblocks (5000)
  • Custom radio station
  • Platinum VIP on MCstrike (worth $80)
  • Events room/Head at spawn
  • Any pet of your choice
  • Any 3 of these games

The competition will end on October 31st and winners will be picked in the week after.
Good luck!

Game-Night tomorrow

NoxFTB Council posted Oct 3, 14
Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind people that game-night is tomorrow. Like last week we're going to be playing another race for the wool since it turned out really awesome and might be our best game-night video yet so I really recommend watching it. If you want to check out what Game-Night is all about check out the 3 episodes from the race for the wool map Vertigo:

If you'd like to join game-night and support the monthly goal to add features like /tpa extra homes and to unlock the new world Midgard which we will be holding a buildcompetition in then head over to the donatorpage. Have a nice weekend and see you for Race for the wool tomorrow.

Technic TPPI

NoxFTB Council posted Oct 2, 14
Good news everyone. TPPI is now officially in the techniclauncher. You'll now be able to vote for our server on both FTBservers and technicservers. use "/vote" ingame for a link to each page. The claimblocks has been changed to 60 for each server which means that you'll get 20 blocks more than before. Welcome Technic community.
Atrius97 "New at NoxFTB, get 120 claimblocks for the price of 2 votes!" (Previously 100 claimblocks for the price of 1 ...
rasield Unless I'm missing something, we aren't gaining 20, we're losing 40. The message when people voted was that we were bein ...
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