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Game-Night tonight!

NoxFTB Council posted Sat at 18:46
On tonight's game-night we're playing Eris 2 by Jeven which is a map recommended by the guy that made Calamity so it should be a good one. If you're interested in joining game-night then check out the website page on how to participate. See you all tonight!

Hey all, with the resource reset tonight we're introducing the Donation goal Kit. Each month we're going to make a new themed kit that everyone will be able to use by typing /kit goal when they are located in the /hub and the donation goal has been hit. This months kit is going to be Thaumcraft themed and will contain:

  • 1 Silverwood Sapling
  • 3 Nitor
  • Boots of the Traveler
  • 15 Mana Beans
  • 5 Triple Meat Treat
  • 5 Tainted Goo

And since it's Christmas it will also contain:
  • 5 Cookies
  • A Christmas Poem (a poem book written by jojjannes)
  • Santa hat 

Each months kit will also contain a collectible staff head, try to collect them all!

Game Night tonight!

Abstract_Magi Moderatoro posted Nov 29, 14
Hello everyone! Game-Night is today and this week we are trying out a minecraft version of The Hidden, and Missile Wars! If you haven't played Game-Night before, but would like to know how you can join, you can find information on it here. We also record Game-Night and upload it to our youtube channel, OfficialNoxFTB (which I have sadly neglected, but don't worry, new content will be out Soon!). Anyway, we hope you have a nice weekend, and that we see you at Game-Night!

NoxFTB is looking for builders

NoxFTB Council posted Nov 21, 14
Hi everyone, once again NoxFTB is looking for builders. I've assembled a small build team already but I still need people that are good with map design/terraforming. If this is something that you are good at you can contact me by sending a PM on the website. If you're a good builder please do the same and provide some screenshots of previous builds/your base on the server.

In other news we finished the recording for this years Christmas video and editing is now in process. Thanks to everyone that showed up to be in the video and have a nice weekend!

NoxFTB Staff

Game-Night tonight!

NoxFTB Council posted Nov 15, 14
Game-Night is tonight and we're gonna be playing Missile Wars by Sethbling, possibly UHC and we'll be testing a new gamemode in TPPI made by abstract_magi. Head over to the Game-Night page to learn more on how to join in on the fun and see you on teamspeak tonight.

BloxiCraft That's sounds good. It's a good idea. I like it ...
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